Saturday, April 11, 2009 Precious....

Sasha, sitting in his seat at the table: "My Tag-tag! My Tag-tag!"
Mommy: " What about your Taggie?"
Sasha: "I needs it."
Mommy: "No, you don't need it. You can take it when you're done eating."
Sasha: "Yes! I needs it! Tag-tag!"

We'be been having a little struggle with places where Taggie is appropriate, versus where its not.

Bathtime? Not appropriate. But we have a special hook for it by his tub that's there especially for his blankie. He, so far, is begrugingly okay with that.

Dinnertime? I don't like that nasty thing at the table when I'm eating. We've never allowed it. The rule has always been it hooks on the back of his high chair, and so it'll still be there waiting for him when he's done.

Lately, that's not working and he's been VERY vocal about it. We hear "I needs it" every meal.

Otherwise, we've been very free about letting him take it everywhere, which I would think was the problem...except he doesn't really seem to need it everywhere. So I'm perplexed.


caramama said...

Some day, you will be able to throw it into lava in the depths of Mordor... But not yet...

KG said...

My kid has no lovie. I think some things would be easier for him if he had one, like falling asleep. But he won't do it. Flat-out won't do it. And then I think about having to deal with "you can't take your blankie in the tub" conversations and think maybe it's not all bad.