Thursday, April 23, 2009


This has been a month of changes.
Some difficult.
Some not.

Apparently the medical community has finally decided that, yes, Sasha has horrible allergies. Thank God. We've been instructed to give him Claritin and it has helped a significant amount. It hasn't made the symptoms go away, by any means. However the improvement is enough so that he can have normalcy.

Poor Hubby got his first root canal. I'd point and laugh, except that I got mine even earlier.

My company did not win it's recompete. So I'm in limbo right now and trying to decide what it is I actually want to do with my life. After all, "Trust Fund Baby" isn't an option. I don't forsee any problems getting another job, as I already have viable prospects. But I still take this as an opportunity to reflect and get direction.

And many other things are up in the air as well...including now our baby plans. Awaiting both some medical test results and for me to be in a situation where I'd have maternity benefits by the start of next spring.

Here's waiting for May--A month of resolutions????

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caramama said...

Good luck with everything!

I'm glad that the medical community has decided to agree that the Mom might have realized there was an issue and listened to you.

Sorry for your hubby's root canal. I had one pretty early, too. They suck.

Also sorry about not winning the recompete. That's always tough and puts consultants/contractors in an awkward position. Good luck finding the next thing!