Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Looking Up

There has been a lot of upheaval the past few weeks.

And a lot of non-internet-connectivity.

Our computer bit the dust (in dog years, it was Methusela), and since I also sit in a totally empty cube at work (no computer there yet) it was decided I needed to buy a sweet tablet notebook so I could actually get something done.

And so now, once more, I can post.

Life is doing well, Sasha is getting so big I can hardly beleive it. It won't be long till his second birthday.

He's already speaking in complete sentances, although if his conversations are any judge of what is going on in his mind, he's a very typical little boy:

"Mama, Mama, Mama!"
"Yes, I'm Mama. What do you want to tell me?"
"Sah* gotta caca. Sah go poop. Sah
got stinky, stinky poop."
"No, there is no caca."
Sasha starts laughing
"Yeah. Poooooooooooop. Stinky, pewey, poop. Stinky, stinky!"
"Sasha, you did not poop."

And so it goes. Poop is apparently unbeleivably humerous and so he wants to talk about it All. The. Time. We have Everybody Poops, and to him it's just the funniest thing ever.

The other thing, is he has learned The Truth about animals. You see, Sasha has a collection of animal figurines. He loves them. He asks questions about them. He knows all their names, and what they say, and is just enamoured with them. Well...that is till this weekend.

We took him to the museum.

Apparently, he had thought that all animals fell within the range of farm animals. His first look at the elephant in the rotunda, had him extremely surprised. And not in a good way. And his love of giraffes, lions, tigers, rhinos, bears, and hippos was also ruined. It's kind of too bad his room is safari-themed. He can't get away from them. We've had a few bad dreams about the Hall of Mammals.

He wasn't scared, though, about the skeletons. And what really surprised me was that he knew what every animal was (within reason) with no skin. Granted, all big cats were tigers, and the like, but he KNEW and did a good job of naming every single thing in there.

He did love the bug zoo and I think we'll go back before too long. Give him some time to process the new info.

Sasha has also learned that it's fun to be bad.

His latest habit is to run off while laughing and mocking "Sah a bad baby! No, no, no!" Makes me insane.

Finally, he learned last night to catch. So he can catch a ball, and kick or throw it back. Not bad before the second birthday.

* Since Sasha isn't his real name and he doesn't say his whole first name (just the first 2 letters) I figured this was the best way to depict his side of the conversation.

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caramama said...

Sounds like a boy and a toddler to me! Sorry that the animals freaked him out. But cool that he could name the animals from the skeletons!

And I'm glad you are back online and posting. :-)