Thursday, April 30, 2009

There must be a plan...

Life is about balance.

I’m trying hard to remind myself about that lately…that for every negative thing, there is a positive. That God gives us the tools and opportunities we need to make correct choices and come to the right ends.

For example, I’m getting laid off today. It’s not so bad. I’m getting severance and as of Monday I had two choices: Stay in my current job making less for another company and have fewer employees (meaning more work for me), or go to a new job entirely. I picked the new job. The pay would be a big improvement and the position more senior. However, I’d have to start over as a new employee. This would push back our plans to have a second child about a year because of maternity benefits.

Not something that made us particularly happy, but it still seemed the better option.

Then yesterday, I get the results of the various medical tests I had done. And basically was told there’s enough wrong that it’s not safe for me to get pregnant even if I could—which isn’t likely right now. I need to be treated and get things closer to “normal” before anything should be considered.

So, yes. It’s very disappointing. But, it’s the best choice for us for about every reason there could be.

Plus, now I can work on fixing things (in as much as I can).

It also brings to light that Sasha may potentially be helped in his asthma/allergies by folic acid supplements. If, as research suggests, increased folate reduces issues with asthma/allergies it should help in general. And since the C677T mutation lowers folate levels (I have two copies of it, so Sasha has at least one. We don’t know Hubby’s status), he may require more than standard to remain healthy.

So, I’m trying to see things in a good light. God is making me wait on my child, which is good because I need to be healthy first. And in finding what I need to be healthy, we have found potential help and explanation for Sasha and his problems.


caramama said...

These do seem like good things in disguise! Still sucky to go through it all, but at least you are looking for the silver lining.

KG said...

I'm sorry. But I like that you're looking on the bright side.