Thursday, June 25, 2009

Breastfeeding issue!!

Support this!

Women should do what they can to push for breastfeeding accommodations in the workplace. Think of the benefits to employers of keeping their employees happy with a perk that doesn’t need to cost them anything!!!

-you keep talented employees in YOUR company full-time.
-usually, once a woman has gotten the hang of it, it doesn’t take long at all. 10 minutes for each session was all it took me. Smoking and coffee breaks take WAY longer! The perceived idea that it reduces productivity is a lie.
-typically not too many of these breaks are needed either. I did 3. One as soon as I got to work. One around lunch. And one right before I left for home (I have a long commute). That allowed for 6 full bottles for my child the next day.
-and a little planning may be all it takes. Do you have employees frequently in regularly scheduled meetings? Employees with private offices? If you could make a schedule of when these were available, Moms could use a nice private room, not put anyone out, and not cost the company a cent! If the Mom has her own office? Even easier. Just hang a hand made “Private Meeting” sign and use the time to answer my e-mails (it takes some finagling, but it’s possible to pump and type simultaneously).

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