Saturday, June 27, 2009

Drama Queen…er…I Mean Prince

I have had other parents tell me that I’m lucky to have a boy. That girls create Drama. Boys do not. Ever.

I don’t know what these people are on, but may I have some? I’d like to be oblivious too.

I think my little boy is trying to get into Julliard with extremely early admission (and scholarships) with his dramatic one-man-show entitled, “Unloved, Neglected, & Abused.”

A normal child who is thisty will say “Milk, please,” bring you an empty cup, or some other traditional way of requesting a beverage.

The Dramatic Child? Grabs the refrigerator doors, falls limp (still holding on) and shouts “Milk! Milk!” while half sobbing as if he’d just crossed the Kalahari and was dying of dehydration.

A normal child has discovered a bread crumb on his arm will either ignore it or try to eat it off.

The Dramatic Child?Will throw himself on the floor with moans and “Ow!” till someone kisses the imagiboo-boo. When miraculously, the sudden leprosy that the crumb struck him with is cured and off he runs to play.

And, well, such is life around here.

Julliard, please just let him in. Maybe he’ll stop auditioning

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caramama said...

Oh boy! You're going to have fun with that one!