Monday, June 29, 2009

I can't be this lucky

We aren’t officially trying to potty train Sasha yet. The Plan is to wait till his swim lessons are over, then basically just become hermits for a few weeks while we all get a good handle on this.

He’s a smart kid, we keep telling ourselves. And more than that, he’s a persnickety kid. It shouldn’t be too terrible of an experience. He should catch on easily, we keep telling ourselves.

I am so hoping this weekend is a preview of potty training. I don’t want to jinx it, because I KNOW this could so easily be a fluke. But it’s what I pray is going to happen.

We were upstairs getting brushing his teeth and he tells me, “Mama, I gotta poop. I gotta go potty.”

So I ask if he want to sit on his toilet and he tells me “Yeah” so that’s what we do.

No poop, but the kid apparently is having gas issues so I can see where the false alarm came from. He tells me he’s “All done” I give him a treat (because lets face it, he did good) and it’s bathtime.

“Mama, I gotta pee.”

He holds off till I haul him out of the tub and sit him on the toilet. And bingo! Success! More treats.

And on it went all weekend. He wanted to use a TOILET (I think it may have to do with his treats, they are apparently highly motivating). Errors happened because we were in a car or somewhere I just can’t put him on a toilet inside of 30 seconds.

Please, God, have this just be how he is. Have this be the easiest potty training ever.

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caramama said...

Awesome! I hope it continues to go that smoothly!