Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just the Facts, Ma'am

Dear News People,

Please stop patronizing your listeners/viewers/readers. We not only can handle “real” news, we prefer that THAT is what you deliver us.

We understand the existence of “slow news days.” However, in a major metropolitan area, even the slowest days should bear ample material to fill up a program. Real material. I hate to inform you, what condiments the President ordered on his burger are not “real news.” Real news has substance and reports that which impacts or may impact your readers/listeners/viewers. The same day that was reported I witnessed a multitude of police cars racing to an area and jumping out with their guns drawn. People were pulled out and arrested. Whatever was going on there, probably qualified as real news, but apparently someone thought telling me about mustard was a better way to go.

Sadly, I’ve noticed the quality of our local news deteriorating. Less and less news, more and more fluff or even worse—flat out storytelling. Like I’ve seen in other places I’ve lived. Is this really what your channels’ focus groups recommended? Is this just reflective of the dumbing down of America? Or is it just reflective of poor and lazy reporting?

Please. Be better than that.


caramama said...

Oh, A-freaking-MEN!!!

When I lived in a small town in North Carolina over 10 years ago, I remember one evening the lead story was that someone's ride-on mower got stolen. I laughed and laughed about how that would not even make the end of a newscast in this area. Now? I'm not laughing so much. :-\

Burgh Baby said...

Just joining the Hallelujah Chorus!

Let's also add, "The President and his wife had a date" to the list of things I don't really need to know. At all.