Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Mom Eyes" See the Future, Too

Yesterday Sasha was horribly whiney and congested and wasn’t interested in eating. He and Hubby met me for lunch so I got a good look at the snot-fest.

So, yesterday, I asked Hubby to skip Sasha’s swim class this morning and get him an appointment to see the pediatrician instead.

And this morning? He started a fever.

Thankfully, we had an appointment all ready and so it ran smoothly. Sasha has medication for his sinus/ear infection. And any unnecessary suffering (including the suffering of the 2 hour drive to the “good” emergency room and the long wait to be seen) was averted. Apparently I now know my kid well enough to say “he’s going to be sick tomorrow” and be right.

Granted, it probably helps that he’s sick a lot. I’ve gotten in an insane amount of practice.
It’s all on one side of his head too…the same one that the last of his 2 year old molars is struggling to break through…so it’s probably the cause.

Good news is, this is the last hurrah of teething for a while. Once those bad boys are all in maybe we need a little party.

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caramama said...

Sorry he's sick! But pretty cool to realize how well you know your kid, eh?