Monday, August 3, 2009


The Bathroom is almost done. Pictures should be posted soon. Hubby and I finished everything that was necessary to make it functional (it was my project, but he has trouble letting me work on things like that so he inevitably takes over. Not that I’m inept or anything, but he usually knows of a faster way and doesn’t have to mull over how to do it first). I just need to touch up the paint were it was scratched putting in the counter and put back in the window treatments, toilet paper holder and such. An hour of work at the most. But regardless, it is a fully functional bathroom! I’m ready for that baby shower and guests!


That’s of course after I clean the house. If you concentrate for 2 weeks on doing a renovation and potty training a child you’d be shocked at how absolutely HORRIBLE your house gets. We need a trip to the dump to get rid of the kabillion boxes and do the deep cleaning I usually do weekly. That hasn’t been done in about 3. Yikes.


If you go to the Habitat Restore, try to look poor. We went in looking for deals that we could use to either finish the bathroom or do any of 1,000 other projects we wanted to do.

I found about a dozen boxes of tile that EXACTLY match our corian and formica countertops. We do not have a backsplash, and I’ve been meaning to tile back there but I hadn’t been able to find the patterns and style that would have looked good and done the job best.
And there they were, all marked at a measly $3 a box. SCORE!!!

But when we went up to pay they marked them UP! To $.50/tile! (which was a LOT more than $3/box).
I bought them anyway, because they were what I’ve been searching for over the last 5 years, but I did NOT get the deal of a lifetime. Do not wear t-shirts advertising a Beltway Bandit Corporation or have a kid walking around in designer (albeit, second hand store designer) clothes and a baby leash. It screams “yuppie.”

I will be back though. I saw some potentially beautiful solid wood furniture that needs to be stripped, refinished, and new hardware put on. When Sasha trades in his baby furniture for big kid furniture? I’ll totally be looking at the ReStore, Salvation Army, etc. Because to last thru a childhood, it can’t be laminate MDF and sandpaper and paint go a LONG way to making things look good.


A week ago we mowed over and tilled the strawberry beds. The plants were suffering from the most horrible blight I’d every seen and we figured it best to start over. We had a lovely patch of plain old black dirt when we were done.
Yesterday?Row after row of beautiful green new strawberry plants. What the heck?


I’m totally getting MomMuscles. I was carrying in heavy items (70lbs of dog, cabinets, etc.) with 30+ pounds of kid swinging himself around by hanging on to my back pockets. By the way, WalMart cheapo jeans? Rock and are indestructible.

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