Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kermit is NOT a Favorite Muppet

As a parent, I feel it’s important that I keep things on an even footing.

And with my son’s discovery that snakes freak me out…well, that required I figure out what freaked him out. So we can use it later when he’s older and pranking becomes a means of fun for the whole family.

And it’s…


Especially the tiny little cricket frogs that live in the lawn in practically plague numbers. You take a step out in the morning, and you can see the ground hopping out of your way. There are seriously that many.

I thought they were cute.

Sasha stands on the patio freaking out that the “shrogs” (as he calls them) will be there in the lawn and we have to assure them they are gone before he’ll step off of pavement.

I guess it’s a good thing Mommy didn’t get that red-eyed tree frog she wanted.

Heh heh heh…ah the fun we’re going to have when he gets bigger!

This is a picture of the thing that scares him. And yes, see how tiny that is? That is just how big they are. It's adorable how tiny these little froggies are...they're practically like fairy frogs...

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Burgh Baby said...

We have a kajillion of toads in our back yard right now. Alexis looooves to follow them around, but if one even thinks about making eye contact with her, she's out of there. Screaming. Like a lunatic.

Good times!