Monday, August 24, 2009

Still Not a Vegetarian

Sasha made a little discovery last night.
We stopped at the local Pollo a la Brasa place last night for dinner. The kid will hoover some rotisserie chicken, avocado, black beans, and rice; it's very family oriented with lots of kids running and bouncing around; and they leave an entire roll of paper towels on ever table, plus it's a lot healthier than a LOT of inexpensive eateries so it's a good place for us to go. He's fascinated by the rotisserie going over the wood fire and kept pointing and saying excitedly, "chicken hot! Chicken yummy!" over and over and over.
And throughout dinner.
Until suddenly, an odd look came over his face. And he said, "Chicken 'bock bock'?" still pointing at the chickens cooking over the fire.
Yes, I told him. Those are chickens and chickens go 'bock bock'.
"Yummy chicken 'bock bock'?"
Yes. You eat the chickens that go 'bock bock'.

He looked concerned, but it didn't seem to slow down his stuffing of his face with the yummy, hot chicken. Even though he had made the connection between the animal and his plate. I'm thinking we aren't likely to have a future member of PETA.


Anonymous said...

Whew! Sounds like that was a close one!

caramama said...

I feel bad for the animals I eat. But they really are just delicious.