Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Need to Stop Eating Spinach

I’m beginning to believe that my dreams of regaining my svelte, pre-marriage body are nothing but a pipedream.

Because the body I’m uncovering from all that fat? Is never going to fit in a pair of size 4 leather pants again.

I say this because the weight loss is starting to hit some paydirt, despite it’s distance from my goal weight. I looked at my legs and thought I was seeing dirt smears or bruises. Nope, it was the shadowing from cut, toned muscle (it’s been a long, long time…). The disappointment came when I realized I haven’t been able to size down in my pants because of the size of my legs.

*grumple, grumple*

So apparently gone is the slight, ballet-dancing body of my youth and in it’s place is something… sturdier.

It’s looking as if my arms are going in the same direction…I’ve a good bit more to lose there, but like my legs they also do not appear to be shrinking much at all in comparison to other areas of my body. And so, I see myself continuing to have to buy large sizes to fit my oh-so-unfeminine arms into my blouses.


Maybe the new “hot look” will be to be built like Popeye?

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caramama said...

I have also come to terms with the fact that my body will never again look like it did at 21. We can still look hot, just in different ways.