Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Not Applying to Thomas Jefferson Yet

Sasha’s become a bit of a fan of Max the bunny. I LOVE this show. It’s adorable and doesn’t have anything that makes it obnoxious to me. In fact, it’s just about 2 bunny siblings being sweet to each other. He understands the stories, can retell them, and I can hear him laughing or saying “Oh, no!” at all the right parts. I’m so glad there’s a preschool program that doesn’t make me want to ram a skewer into my eye.

Sasha is talking a good bit better than his favorite bunny, and is using 4-word sentences! I also hear him practicing words and sentence structure when he’s sitting playing with his farm or puzzles. Longer, more complex, and lots of words I don’t hear yet outside his little practice sessions. I have a feeling that this limited speech we hear now is just awaiting the moment he feels like his got it down before he goes ahead with normal, conversational speech. His pronunciations seem to bother him.


Speaking of language development, a peculiar thing has happened and I *KNOW* that it can’t be what it looks like.

He’s been pointing to words and saying them.

In books. On food containers. On signs. Even the branding on appliances. Miss Daycare Lady noticed it too and brought it up (she’s mentioned before that she thinks he’s the “special” kind of smart).

I know he’s smart, that’s not the question. But this can’t be reading. Two year olds don’t read. ..I don’t c are what that Infomercial says. We must be missing something.

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