Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cats & Dogs

Hubby has started his doctoral program. I’m not exactly sure what he plans to do with it when he’s done. He’s mentioned being a professor more than once, but that’d require moving. To Norfolk, at the closest.

I don’t wanna live in Norfolk.

It’s….Norfolk. Does that really take more explanation?

Sasha was Uber-Zwei yesterday. More or less irritated absolutely everyone.

But we’ve learned someone is teaching him words they shouldn’t.

He was being annoying yesterday and kept goosing me, saying “Mama’s butt! Mama’s butt!” Which I was just correcting by telling him we don’t poke people in the butt, it’s not nice. But yes, that was, is and always will be…Mama’s butt.

When he grabbed me at the front and said, “Mama’s kitticat” (no, he did not say actually say ‘kitticat’, he said <censored>).

We do not use that word unless it’s followed by “willow” or “cat”.

Mama is displeased with whoever had the pottymouth that taught him that. Displeased as in “I’ll see you outside and show you how I fight dirty”.


Apparently some people consider me a bit…er…terrierish in personality (I believe the word ‘pitbull’ was used) and quite Type A.

I thought I was pretty laid back? How did I get to be the office pitbull and not know about it?


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a pretty strong word for a little guy to learn. I can understand you're frustration.

As for being a pitbull, sometimes, that's a good thing. And unfortunately, we still have to deal with sexiest thinking in the workplace. I'm sure if a guy were behaving the same way, they'd say something like, "Oh he's assertive" or "He's a go-getter." And for being Type A? I'd take that as a compliment (being a type A myself) ... most employers LOVE Type A's.

caramama said...

I totally ditto la folle maman on her comment about being a pitbull. I'm always annoyed that when a woman is assertive, she is called the b word.

As for the p word, I'd be livid! He's a bit young to be hearing that word and picking it up! I hope you are able to put the smackdown on whoever taught him.