Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Striking Fear in the Hearts of Parents

I’ve begun to be filled with anguish at the hearing of a specific phrase:

“Sasha Help”*

Take for instance, when I heard it last night. I was fixing tonight’s dinner (organic vegan sloppy joe mix. Yum. Maybe. Probably not.), a batch of dog food (yes, I’ve given up and just started making my own for Kerrygirl. She lost serious weight on the commercial food.), and doing a few loads of laundry while Sasha was sitting on his little potty for 5 minutes.

I felt all panicky and ran to where I heard the little voice and saw….

  • Him holding the little plastic receptacles and trying to walk over to the potty to empty it himself.
  • Naked.
  • With a poop still stuck to his butt.
  • Sloshing urine and feces everywhere.
And given the history of “Sasha help” this was actually better than what I was expecting to see.
Recompete season is upon us again.

This time I feel more secure and am not worried about getting laid off.

What am I doing? Looking at government jobs. I’m more than tired of dealing with the hassle of being this situation.

I can see the benefits to the client, for sure. But it’s something that wears on you after being in it for a decade or so. Eventually, I think I'd like more stability.

*keeping in mind of course, Sasha is not his real name and just a placeholder. And that it needs to be his specific cadence of speech which is…unique. I’ve heard a lot of toddlers speak, and I haven’t heard his specific one yet. I need to find the musical transcription of the way every. Single. Sentence. Is spoken…

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caramama said...

Man! That painted a lovely picture for me to read about while eating lunch. ;-) Potty training is so much fun, isn't it?

You want something more stable, govvie job is the way to go. I also get very sick of being the consultant/contractor. Someday, I plan to move to a software company again...