Friday, October 23, 2009

North Pole? Maybe He Has a Remailing Service.

This letter is for you, Sasha, and for all little kids out there.

Now that Thanksgiving dinner is over and the dishes are put away, it is officially NOT too early to discuss all things Christmas.

One of the great childhood mysteries is Santa Claus.

Who is he? What does he really look like? How do I rate on his list?

And Mommy has some answers about Santa. Mostly because she has known for a long time that Santa doesn't really live in the North Pole. Nope, he lives nearby--not very covertly either so I wonder why his cover has not yet been blown. Maybe the big city has so many secrets of a grown up nature, that those of us who know never thought of it.

I see him every day when I drive to and from work.

In a red PT Cruiser who's plate reads "Kringle" is a man with snow white hair, a long flowing beard, a white shirt and suspenders. His workshop must be somewhere in the metro area

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