Monday, October 26, 2009

Boys, apparently, will be boys

This was a wedding weekend.

My youngest brother was married this weekend. He'd had a wedding before...a traditional one of his wife's culture...but we are Catholic and our Church requires some formalities to recognize it. Also, during the previous wedding, the issue of a marriage license was not taken care of so it was this time.

It was lovely, they seem very happy.

But during the festivities, there were among the guests 2 little boys.

Sasha, and a relative of mine's little boy. Her boy is a year older.

Sasha raced thru lunch so he could get down and play with his new friend. And what did they want to play?


I don't know when it is that boys decide they like cars and parking garages, but to me it's been a bit of an adjustment.

My little boy is losing his babyness and going to full blown boyhood.

I'm finding rocks and sticks in his pockets.
He adores cars, trucks, airplanes, helicopters...anything that "goes". And those toys are getting the same play now that his animals were. HIs animals he adored.
Gravel is more likely to be deemed "pretty" these days than anything sparkly

He and his 3 year old relative spent the reception playing cars and trucks in a corner of the room while everyone else toasted and ate. Happily absorbed in all that's vehicular.

I think this must be ingrained because his father and I haven't really pushed gender roles on him. When he wanted to wear bracelets and rings? We told him he was gorgeous. When he wore them with his yellow hardhat? We laughed and complimented him on his unique sense of style. He had a few cars, but he never seemed interested so we left them alone. He was all about his animals, his kitchen, his books, and his puzzles--which was fine with us.

Lately, though, the stereotypical "boyness" is coming out. Kind of sad, but I suppose it was meant to happen. Thankfully I hadn't done Christmas shopping yet! I'm having to change my mind on a few things to make way for the robots, rocket, and "car house" he's asked Mommy to get him lately. He still doesn't really understand the concept of Christmas. But Mommy says "later" and "wait" so that much he knows.

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caramama said...

We are just starting to see girly-ness. How does it happen? Where do they learn this stuff?