Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Sasha woke up earlier this week an absolute grouch from his nap. And by the time we were getting him ready for bed, he had a 101F fever.

So Hubby had to stay home from school so that he could take him to the pediatrician. After all, in the history of our son, a fever means a bacterial infection of the ENT variety. He needed to go in, get his meds, and then we could have him all set to go to daycare tomorrow. Plus he was still playing and eating/drinking normally so no reason to think he was REALLY sick.

No problem.


His nose was fine. His ears were fine. His throat (though a bit red) and lungs were fine. As was his white count.

He has the flu. Even though he had the seasonal flu shot. So sayeth the swab.

The news is the doc doesn't think its swine flu. Sasha's reacting too well to medications.

We shall see.

Pork anyone?

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caramama said...

Ugh! That's such a shame, especially since you got the seasonal flu shot! I hope he gets better soon. Sorry he won't be able to go out for Halloween. :-(