Monday, November 2, 2009

Time Flu By

The flu appears to be gone. At least for the moment.

Sasha hasn't had a fever in 2 days.

I'm kind of hoping it was swine. Why? The CDC says that the flu cases in our area are all H1N1, not seasonal. Which follows, if it was flu, then it must have been H1N1. Which means our child has already gotten it and has a level of immunity. Which means we need not enter the panic that seems to be sweeping, well, everyone.

And since he's not a candidate for the mist (because of the wheezy-ness), which is the only widely available immunization form right now, it's extra ease-causing.

Add that there is appears to be indications that extreme exposure (as all parents of toddlers have to ANYTHING their kid becomes infected with) seems to result in symptoms in 4-5 days. Here it is, many days later, and neither Hubby nor I are sick.

Sasha even seemed to have it pretty mild. Granted, we got ahold of Tamiflu for him quickly so it never really was allowed to go on and on. But still, it was pretty mild.

I'm hoping this means that's it for our more flu.

Knock on wood.


caramama said...

I hope that's it for you guys! Glad Sasha is feeling better. I'm going to have to look into Tamiflu--we've never used it.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Sasha is better. Yeah I don't get the whole right now it's only H1N1 thing either. I've heard this several times but since I'm not a doctor, I just nod and go "okay".

You're definitely lucky to have not caught the flu from Sasha. Seems like I always get whatever Monkey has. Maybe I need to take more vitamin c!