Monday, November 9, 2009

The Dipsy-Doodle

I think we're in official kid-ness now and out of the babyness.

And why do I day that?

Because this weekend was filled with:

"Mommy, Mommy, Mommy! Watch me! Mommy, watch! Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!"

Not that anything he was doing was particularly special, but he NEEDED an audience, darn it. And now had the ability to demand it.

And I'm officially a Mom because? After a while my internal-Mom-device kicked in and I stopped hearing it.


We also had the first nap-free day that was also meltdown free. Well, almost free...but how could you blame me after I stepped in dog vomit?

Sasha's favorite word of the moment is "cowabunga."

No, he hasn't been watching 80's surfer-dude movies. No, he learned it from Cookie Monster.

By the way, this kid? Has become something of a Cookie Monster himself. His Daddy's chocolate chunk cookies to be specific.
He has definitely reached the "plays with" as opposed to "Plays next to" phase of life. At my grandfather's viewing last week, he and one of his cousins played a game they called "Crash" the entire 2 hours. It wasn't a complicated game (the chase each other, tackle, and yell "crash" while they hit the floor), but they enjoyed it.

Sasha now asks if that cousin is going to be there when we go anywhere.
The sweet tooth is also developing.
In addition to his favorite cookies, Sasha has taken to asking for "candy" and "poxadoe" (popsicle) when given his mealtime options. Those aren't on the list.
I'm wondering if we're on another ramp up to a growth spurt.
The child is an eating machine. For example, when we went to the viewing last week we fed him dinner before we left. By the time we got there, he was hungry again. He was taken off to McDonalds for Dinner #2 and ate a Happy Meal.
He asked if I had several varieties fo food while we were at the funeral home so that he might eat again.
The child is already thin for his height and is taller or as tall as kids a few years older.
What am I to do about his pants? There's nothing to hold them up as it is!

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caramama said...

Definitely becoming a kid! Oh, the "watch me"s are fun, aren't they?

And crash sounds like great fun! (For kids at least. Not something I'd want to play!)