Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Too Many No's, Mommy"

Was what my young son told me one day this week while I scolded him for trying to stick a metal spoon in the electrical socket again (I've decided to attach reasons to my 'no's like "It's hot and will burn you up" and so far that appears to be working. Horrific explainations are apparently what it takes to catch his attention).

Meanwhile, it appears that mantra only applies to his guardians...his 'no's are to be accompanied by wails, shrieks, and rubber-legs and shouted from the rooftops whether or not anyone is even paying attention to him. Half the time, he appears to be yelling at himself.

The past week has been a lot like living with someone with perhaps a slight case of schizophrenia mixed with autism and a heavy-handed dose of ADHD. My mother just smiled when I told her that and said, "sounds like a two-year-old alright".

Gone is my sweet baby. Enter the demon.

1 comment:

caramama said...

At least the demons say funny, cute things.

I occassionally tell my girl that "I don't want to hear any more Nos!" It doesn't work.