Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stream of consciousness

It was an eventful weekend.

I passed my PMP.

My Grandfather simply passed.

We went to a fall festival and Sasha had his first pony ride. I use the word "pony" very loosely. Kind of like the people holding the pony rides did. And I'm pleasantly shocked that Sasha didn't cower in fear of the ginormous "pony". Draft horses are an unusual choice to go with for a pony ride...but I imagine that to the little tiny children perched atop them, it was much like sitting atop a very tall, moving sofa with that incredibly broad back. And Sasha? LOVED IT!!! He wanted to go again and only complained it was windy (it was rather windy that day, so not a reflection on the activity).

I went to visit my little neice again and bring them a few little things that are very handy for newborns.

I scrubbed my house from stem to stern with the help of a new product. Evidently, Magic Eraser comes in mop form. My floors haven't been this clean since we installed them. Nor has the tile on our bathroom walls. It's so nice to not have to get on my hands and knees for a change.

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caramama said...

Sorry about your grandfather.

Congrats on the PMP Cert! PMPing ain't easy, but it's necessary...

That's great that he loved the "pony" ride!