Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's Deja Vu

Sleepless nights have returned to our household.

Sasha has awoken screaming bloody murder several times each night with the night terrors. We have a few things that help soothe him quickly, but it's a jolting way to awaken.

So no one is sleeping well.

It's also been a time where he's developing a lot of new fears. Spiders, alligators, humpback whales, sharks...lots of animals. And except for the humpback whales, I can see the fears as normal*. For they tend to be animals that have some danger attached to them (spider bites are actually pretty common in our house, and fairly unpleasant). And having a fear of large, predatory creatures I think might be partially instinctive and healthy. As for humpback whales...given the small chance of him ever having to come into contact with one, I'm largely unconcerned.

One day in the near future he'll come to understand better the constraints of reality. And that day, the pages of his books that are taped together to keep the animals trapped and the few toys that are safely "locked" in a velcro-closure bag will be able to be freed. In the meanwhile, these "cages" are holding away the baddies quite well.

*the fear of frogs is gone. It apparently wasn't the frogs themselves that freaked him out, but the plague-like numbers of them. He was afraid he'd hurt them and step on them...I do love his growing ability to express himself. And since they have moved, he no longer is worried he's going to give froggies boo-boos.

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