Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Deeper Understanding

It's amazing how much these little ones really understand.

We were at a funeral yesterday, and Sasha pointed at the coffin and said "Grandad?"

Yes, it was his great-grandfather (his grandparents go by other names, as seems to be the norm here south of the Mason-Dixon). Odd how he knew. I didn't think he'd understand what was going on, and maybe even frightened by the gunfire, or whining about having to be still and (relatively) quiet, or begging to ride one of the horses.

Instead he was a perfect little gentleman. One who lacked voice modulation ("MOMMY, WHO'S DAT?!?" in reference to the ceremonial guard), but not at all poorly behaved for someone who's two . Everyone seemed a bit surprised at how good he was, especially with the terribly cold and biting winds. And his outbursts were normal curiosity and things that did seem appropriate to request further explaination.

Way to go kiddo. You constantly amaze me with how much you seem to really understand beyond what you can express.


caramama said...

Wow. That's great! Very impressive!

caramama said...

And I'm sorry for your loss.