Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Understood. Sort of.

As expected, Sasha had truly caught on to the whole idea of Christmas.

He knew it was Baby Jesus's birthday so that's why we have cake and presents.

He didn't quite understand why we didn't go VISIT Baby Jesus and his Mommy, Mary, and Daddy, Joseph. Yes, we went to church and he knows that Jesus is at church but didn't understand why we didn't go over to where they were sitting and SEE them.

He's two. He'll understand one day.

After the vigil service we set out Santa's snacks and THEN he knew that this meant Christmas had finally come. He woke up in the wee smalls of the night and every 15 minutes or so got US up by yelling that he had to go poopy in the potty (he knows that one works every time) and as soon as we showed up asked to go down stairs and if Santa had come.

Oh, I know that this is the outcome of a "mothers curse." It has to be.

We got him to wait till 6am and stop with the fake toilet assistance requests. Eventually. At around 4.

He was terribly excited to see that Santa had eaten his yogurt and the reindeer their oats. Even more excited to see all the presents. He just stood there. Transfixed. "Byoooful. Pretty." he said over and over while standing in his Christmas cookie pjs. Hubby had turned the lights on the dry and crispy tree one last time for the full effect and the whole thing overwhelmed the little boy.

Santa did very well this year and got him everything he wanted. His robot, his big orange helicopter, the shake and go cars, and the train were all spot on. Mommy and Daddy didn't fare as well. Plush Kerrygirl is not Sasha-approved. Plush Hound is so I think I shall have the rejected dog "grow up" and supply a substitute from Melissa and Doug with some of his Christmas money. The plush hound is doing well and is toted around a lot.

He has been a little spoiled by multiple Christmases (our house, Gramma & Papa's, and Pop-pop's) over the weekend. So much so, he came down yesterday and asked, "Mommy, where presents at?"

Christmas is truly over at our house. The had to come down late that night because it had begun to turn brown and was a hazard. Toys and gifts were put away the very day they were received, and so we don't have leftover Christmas mess...just a quarter of a pumpkin yule log and a mound of rumball goo to show it was so recent as last Friday. Sasha's Christmases haven't quite stopped I don't think, but it'll be quite some time till the next one. I hope he winds down to the everyday soon.

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caramama said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family! It sounds like a wonderful time. Isn't this age great for the holidays?