Monday, December 21, 2009

Maybe This is How Scrooge Got Started

I have been experiencing a growing annoyance with a certain not-for-profit organization lately.

Years ago, I applied for some assistance from them. I was turned away with more than a little attitude and insult. I got the help elsewhere and it's better that way. Their terms were a bit unnerving and I prefer the knowledge that that which has been given will not be taken away.

I remained involved with a portion of the group as they do offer a lot of information that I found helpful.

The attitudes of many may have been pompous and insufferable, their methods occasionally questionable and inflexible, but I agreed with the overall goal and so despite all my misgivings, I continued to belong and support. After all, there were those like me who simply wanted to learn.

I even did work for them. Some geeky-type labor that took some of my private time was donated to them to use.

I wasn’t expecting payment, but I spent my time and effort to help them because they asked me for it. Meanwhile, if someone gives money or tangible materials they get a big shout out. I just want to see my donation used. It never has been and calls/emails placed asking if they received it have gone unanswered (I found out eventually it had, but no one was going to acknowledge it or use it because of some personal issues).

And the final straw has been just now. I bought an item from their catalogue to give as a gift. The picture and description lead me to believe it was exactly what I was looking for. I got it last week.

It’s not what was described. It was not what the photo showed. But it’s enough so I know that this wasn’t a mis-mail. Say you ordered a lovely handpainted silk tie from a charitable organization. The catalogue only had one tie offered and the description was “handpainted raw silk with swirls of lavender and blue” and there was a lovely photo of a tie. But what they send you is a purple and blue striped polyester clip on. It’s bait and switch.

I’m done. A person can only take so much.


caramama said...

Wow. That's pretty ridiculous! I'm not surprised you are done with them!

Anonymous said...

That's ridiculous. There are so many charity organizations out there to give to in this world.

Have you checked for their rating? I'd be interested to see what they got.

Burgh Baby said...

You're pretty much going to have to tell me who. I'm nosy, you know.

Sorry for the suck. :(