Friday, December 4, 2009

Dogs are Gross Scavenger/Predators

Which doesn't mean I don't love them. After all, I have two and would have more probably if I didn't also have a child an plan to have more.

And it doesn't mean I don't beleive that some of the more modern breeds can have a lot of that animalistic behavior kind of bred down to a point it's far easier to humanize your dog.

But the fact remains, they are beasts. And frequently disgusting.

The Hound, being a primative breed and therefor free of a lot of that breeding meant to civilize canine-kind and make them more acceptable pets, is frequently the most disgusting dog I've ever met.

Lots of her behavior can come to be acceptable once you get used to it. For example, the obsessive hunting can actually be considered a benefit. Have a mouse/groundhog/rabbit/fox/etc. problem? A dog that loves to hunt, go to ground, and kill is about the most environmentally friendly form of pest control you can hope for. Make that a dog who also prefers to be fed prey-model raw (and thrives on it)? And that's a dog who's saves you money on dogfood.

But then there are...other things. Tak for example her former obsession with breast milk. Or poopy-diaper eating. Or female sanitary product eating. Those are disgusting.

Her latest? Drinking urine out of the little trainer potty. It's disgusting, and has us all pushing her away when she comes wanting to give kisses.

Yellow snow, nothin'. Beware yellow beards.

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caramama said...

Ugh! Gross! Dogs are disgusting!

We've all been so sick, with lots of snot... which means lots of snotty tissues in the trash. My dog is in heaven when we forget to cover the trash can or put it out of her reach.