Saturday, December 5, 2009

Is Seminary an Option?

I think we may be in for some trouble with Sasha.

He’s kind of a pretty little boy. And it looks like he’s going to stay pretty. I will admit to piecing together his features in a more grown up version (you know, he has the same nose so-and-so had when they were a baby and so on) and after splicing together photos ended up with something that looks a lot like this .

We’ve also done the math for how tall he’ll be. Given the men in our families range from 5’3” to 6’4” we didn’t really know, but the rule I heard was you double the height they are at 2—which was over 3 foot.

If that’s what he looks like in high school, we’re in for it.

Maybe I should lock him up now or pray for a late puberty. Or it may be too late. He already has little girl followers.

I asked about the kids at his "school" and he was telling me about all the boys. I asked who gave him all the stickers everyday. He said "Madison*." I asked "Is Madison* your friend?" His response?

"Ugh, no Mommy. Her there all time. Her give hugth and thtickeez. Her okay. Her alright. Her chase...give hugth, kithuth."

Madison* is 3, by the way, and so not an adult there giving him stickers for good behavior, soothing away booboos, and playing chase with the kids during free play. This is a little girl. Who has started playing a game I didn't do till at least halfway thru second grade (I stopped when I caught the little boy and he sprained my wrist for trying to kiss him).

Girls. What am I going to do about them?

*Names changed.

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caramama said...

Gah! It starts to early!

And he's definitely going to be a looker!