Friday, December 18, 2009

No, I Don't Owe You Diddly.

So it's about the be the start of a new calendar year.

Which means, a new tax cycle.

And apparently the bad economy is hitting local governments so hard, that they are sending assessments to people who live OUTSIDE their jurisdiction.

I live in a small city that at one time many years ago (long before I even lived in the state) seceeded from the county. It happens every now and then, usually because it's a business center and feels it's paying an undue portion of the costs for the larger area without an equally larger say.

Apparently, the county is trying to get some of that money back. Because I've got bills, people. Bills for things I cannot rightly be billed for. Like dog licenses, property assessments, taxes....

Because I already pay all those fees to the city. Where I live. And where all the animals and property that the county is trying to wet their beak on also lives.

I call them, and am told to check the box on the forms that says I don't live in the county. THERE IS NO BOX!!! The lovely response on that? "Oh well."

I e-mail them to complain, I get a response that they do not accept e-mails.

So you know what? I'm just gonna ignore it. They can't rightly seize anything, seeing as they'd have to leave their jurisdiction to do it. And I'd freakin' sue the pants off of them (and it'd be soo easy to win) if they tried.

I know money is tight. But this is ridiculous.

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