Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Age of Random

It used to be that I really wanted to get inside Sasha's head. To know what he was thinking about when he'd get certain looks over his face.

That's of course, back before he was verbal (and I mean verbal. He was always vocal).

Now, I'm glad I can't just be in his head. It's chaos in there.

Since he NEVER. STOPS. TALKING. I know exactly what he's thinking every moment of the day. Even when he's asleep.

We'll be having a nice conversation in the car on the way home from Grandma's. He'll be talking about what he wants for first and second dinners and what kids show he would like to see that evening. I'll ask something innocuous like "would you like peas or green beans?" and he'll say:

"I like...um....Bumble and Cornelius fall down and bounce!....peas."

Because that's a sign of a well ordered mind--self interruption. And that's the way it's been lately. He can't keep his mind on even a sentence before something Christmas inturrupts him. Christmas distraction is making his potty training success take a hit (he will obsess over a picture book or snow globe so long he messes himself).

Poor kid.


caramama said...

But it gives great insight into the mind of a pre-schooler! Scary, but good to know!

Anonymous said...

Gotta be fun most of the time though! Interesting that self-interruption in children is considered the sign of a well ordered mind. I'm guessing when we get old and start interrupting ourselves, our kids might not be thinking the same thing! ;)

Becoming Mommy said...

actually, i was kind of being sarcastic about the "organized mind" bit.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I thought you were serious! Doh!