Friday, February 19, 2010

Everything's Clearer Now

No, the rain (or rather snow) is not gone. And thanks to the giant plowed piles, I still cannot see obstacles in my way.

But I have glasses.

I actually have had a pair for almost 12 years. I got them when applying for a group of jobs that all required vision be 20/20 (corrected). Not that my vision was bad, it was just ever so slightly off from perfect. I didn't actually need glasses otherwise so I didn't actually wear them anywhere but the activities for the recruitment process.

Lately, though, I noticed a few things. For one, I just couldn't see why my husband has been soooooo thrilled with having a big 'ol HD TV. I couldn't tell the difference between a show on the HD channel and the same show on the non-HD channel. I really couldn't (except of course that the HD channel was costing me more). Also, I'd noticed that I was absentmindedly closing one eye to do anything that required me to see details or read. I was crashing into door jambs. And, the final straw, the eye I was leaving open for detail work? Was spazzing like mad every day by lunchtime.

So now I have glasses. The first thing I noticed was how overly clear the HD TV was. Like, disgustingly clear. I do not need to see Bob Costas's pores. However, for anything depicting vistas or nature it's absolutely beautiful. I get it now.

I also noticed that I didn't crash into anything that night walking around. They are supposed to fix a pretty severe lateral shift, so that would make sense.

What was best?

My little boy looking at me and with a big smile, "OOOOooooOOOOooo Mommy! I like da glasses!"

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caramama said...

Amazing how much glasses can help when you actual need them, isn't it? And it's great when your kiddo thinks you look good in them. :-)