Thursday, March 25, 2010

Life's a Butch

So it’s happened. As I expected it would.

Sasha has recently latched onto a certain profanity, but in a non-profane manner. He uses it as it was meant to be used and in a way that is no more “bad” than the word ‘sow’ or ‘rooster.’ His pronounciation is a bit off, but it’s pretty obvious what he’s going for. Because he’ll point to Kerrygirl and announce proudly that she is one. And ask random people walking the neighborhood if it’s what they have on the end of the leash.

So sue me. My kid likes to watch the terrier group on televised dog shows and I let him (most dogs he knows are terriers). It’s a harmless bit of programming.

There are other words he also uses, like the name of Daddy and Mommy’s favorite brand of coffee/coffeehouse, that tend to give others a bit of a start. But, to me, do not constitute “Bad Words.” They are simply “words.”

I do not have a problem with this.

There are others who…well, they do have a problem with it.

So we have to learn about censoring ourselves in front of certain people early. It’s not an easy concept to grasp. And it’s not an easy one to teach.


caramama said...

But it is a life-long skill that we all need, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Yeah I can see the whole censorship only in certain situations being a problem. But at least he's using it properly and therefore knows the meaning!

Eventually, when Monkey is much older I might be a little lenient in this area. To me, they are words and as long as they're used in a proper, descriptive manner and not against anyone in a harmful manner, then why not.