Friday, April 2, 2010


I've discovered if you write any portion of a post in Irish, spammers comment like mad with offers of Viagra, enhancement products, "ladies of the night" and other interesting items.


The promise of Spring break and all that can be accomplished is easily done in. An ear infection turned into a stomach bug which turned into roseola.


A little kid who hates mess will enjoy egg coloring immensely but will ask every 5 seconds why you don't break the eggs into the bowl.


If you start actually counting calories, you may find that you indeed Do have a healthy diet-if you were 2 people. WW points don't tell the whole story and enough0 points foods add up.


caramama said...

The eggs look gorgeous! I'm glad you didn't break them in a bowl. hehe.

Sorry about all the sickness. That sucks, especially over spring break!

Anonymous said...

Wow interesting about the spammers liking Irish.

Sorry to hear about the sickness. Seems like illness has an uncanny way of popping up when you get rolling.

The eggs look great! What brand dye did you use?

Becoming Mommy said...

we used Dudley, their Spin an Egg option. it was a little pricey for egg dye ($5) but it was mess-free and so no Sasha freaking that he got paint on himself.