Wednesday, May 5, 2010

But Feces Are Still Pretty Funny

I’ve made mention of changes, and it’s not just that our little Sasha is a little perpetual motion machine that seems to have some piezo-kinetic battery thingy. He’s also becoming more “kid.”

Case in point—jokes.

It used to be that only ‘poopie’ was a joke. And we were treated to his altering words to make them more amusing to him. “Shampoo” became “shampoopie.” “Winnie-the-pooh” became “Winnie-the-poopie.” It got old pretty quickly for us, although he would laugh so hard that no sound came out and his entire body would shake as he rolled around the floor.
We have begun to hear a more mature and sophisticated version of humor lately—for example jokes where the punchline is “because 7 ate 9!” or where a pig oinks (or any other animal…though he always forgets to say it’s the interrupting pig, cow, frog, etc. ) before you get a chance to say “the interrupting pig who?” He’s also been trying his hand at making up jokes, although, he usually is the only one who gets those.

Another “kid cred”

Our sketchy little Hound has taken to sleeping with him lately. Yes, this is the dog who’s blind in one eye from fighting with local fauna and screams when startled like a girl in a horror flick. Everything startles her and so she’s not the biggest fan of babies anymore. Babies grab, bite, fall on you, and do other sudden, unexpected, and unpleasant things. She likes big kids because they pay attention to her and know how to play nicely and quickly learn not to approach her blind side. Sasha must be a big kid because we keep finding her curled up with him. That’s big-time trust for her.

And now he’s DEFINITELY got his own opinions too.

The other day, Hubby asked him if he would like a superhero cape for his birthday. His interest seems peaked in them lately and Sasha’s birthday is early next month. It seemed a good question. Sasha had other ideas,

“No, Daddy. I would like a spaceman helmet.”

A spaceman helmet? That wasn’t an option given. I’ve gotten so used to him choosing an option given or else just saying yes or no. This coming out with something new is not something I think I like.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Sasha is a smart little cookie! Afterall, the smartest people have an affinity for humor and wise cracks, right?

caramama said...

He's definitely growing into a kid!

How sweet that the Hound sleeps with him! I sometimes wonder if getting our Beagle to sleep with my girl will keep her in her own bed all night instead of coming into ours. In fact, it'd be nice to have them both off of our bed all night! But the Beagle doesn't seem quite ready for that.