Friday, May 21, 2010

The Silver Lining is I Slept Like a Log

I am tired.

However we have all survived another first...the first time I have to leave town without my family.

The experience of travelling for work was not quite what I'd expected, although it wasn't all that bad. I did learn some things and have some questions that came to mind during my travels.

1) Why is it hotels post photos that are CLEARLY either 20-30 years old or from a set with similar (but newer and higher quality) furnishings and report services they don't offer (or only have ridiculously limited offerings of)? Given the website, I was certain I was staying in extremely posh digs. We'd been promised riverview rooms and the site quoted that the riverview rooms had balconies and photos of the riverview rooms showed about the most fantabulous spa-like bathroom ever. We did get a lovely view of the river. No balcony. Very ordinary furnishings that looked to have been bought in 1985. Constant sound of some sort of construction. Exposed wires and stained walls and ceiling. An overly complicated showerhead arrangement that only had one showerhead actually hooked up (we were told the others hadn't been as a "water conserving measure"--I can't help but wonder at the waste of buying showerheads you install for show only). The reported "room service" and restaurant were only available between 11am and 3pm. It was clean, and the staff friendly, but "posh" isn't the word I'd use.

2) Never, ever connect in Orlando. The perpetually unsettled weather will result in lots of lateness.

3) If you are meeting with a group who's hostile over the phone, they'll still be hostile when you are there in person.

4) No matter who you tell you are travelling for work or how often, sudden amnesia will occur and you'll find your blackberry has about 137 messages of people who REALLY want to see you at their desk RIGHT NOW that were recorded whilst flying.

5) Your husband may panic you with descriptions of respiratory distress and an immediate need for emergent care in your child. And then get angry when you become upset and act like he has no idea why you're getting "so emotional," because it's no big deal and he has no intent to do anything about it. You'll find out later that the actual ailment your child suffered with was post nasal drip.

6) Travel to and from Texas is 4 novels long.

7) The food served in Mexican restaurants is actually Tex-Mex. However the when a Texas restaurant says it's Tex-Mex, that may only mean they have lots of rodeo and pseudo-mexican paraphenalia on the walls.

8) It is apparently not abnormal in some areas to close EVERYTHING by 4pm. Apparently there are towns where no one eats out or runs errands after work.

9)In the home of the Alamo, you cannot find a Daniel Boone coonskin cap.

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caramama said...

Glad everyone survived!

1) What the heck is up with that?

3) I hope they became less hostile, cause hostile people are no fun.

4) Also true for vacations and pre-planned days off.

5) Glad it was only post nasal drip.

8) And in some towns, EVERYTHING is closed on Sundays! Except church.