Friday, June 18, 2010

Soon I'll Look Like My Dog

...With her incredibly coarse and unruly, but sparse, reddish gold hair. If only I could have her metabolism.

My hair has been falling out by the handfull. It's like a repeat of what happened a few months after Sasha was born and all the hair that hadn't fallen out while I was pregnant, fell out at one time. Only I haven't been pregnant, so I haven't been accumulating an excessivly luxuriant mane.

Hubby thinks it's my attempts to diet (which haven't come to much) and malnourishment.

The accupuncturist thinks it's stress.

Me? Who the heck knows, but yikes!

If it's stres, it should resolve itself soon. If it's diet, heck, I'm now officially off my diet (if it's making me bald, it's bad for me).

If it's none of the above, I'm considering the prospect of a cool scalp tattoo...

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