Friday, June 11, 2010

Where Pieces Of My Mind Are The Ultimate Host Gift

Strawberry season is over (after collecting a respectable 3 gallons). The Hound and I have celebrated birthdays. And school is winding down.

Tomorrow, Sasha, my adorable little tot, turns 3.

We have a lovely day planned.

First breakfast and a delivery from a friend who has made a creative fruit arrangement for him in lieu of a birthday cake. I believe a kid should get the treat he or she wants for a birthday. And since Edible Arrangements couldn’t guarantee an allergen-free arrangement, she was kind enough to volunteer her talents. So a sculpture of fruit with a space/rockets theme it was.
Then we are going to see the spaceships at the museum. Space is his fixation du jour and so a theme of the day. Then lunch out at a place of his choosing. Then home for nap. Presents, more Fancy Fruit, and dinner of hotdogs, a blueberry shake, green beans, edamame, and sweet potato fries (this is MY kid, not yours. He likes to eat this way). Some family members will be joining us at various portions of the day, but others declined.

No big party, but a day HE would enjoy. Sasha starts to freak out in birthday party situations or else tries to reenter the womb. We’ve been to a few since his birthday last year and it’s just not his bag. He also still doesn’t like cake, so we picked something else. Maybe in another year or two he’ll want the typical arrangement, maybe never. I don’t think it’s important. It’s one day a year and he should celebrate it as he wants within reason. And I think it’s reasonable.

However, I’m apparently somewhat alone in this.

He is having a party on Sunday, I’ve discovered. Apparently certain relatives, whose motives I cannot ever quite understand, have decided he NEEDS a party and we are being bad parents in not throwing one. Everything is of course what Sasha does not like, but these individuals feel are the ‘norm’ he needs to ‘get used to’. The food (burgers). The drinks (sodas). The cake (it’s cake…he HATES cake). A crowd of children, most of whom he won’t know. About the only thing he should like is the presents, but then knowing who’s throwing this…I expect them to be too old for him, Sasha unable to enjoy them, and Sasha not even able to look at them for a few days whilst his fellow party goers grab and unwrap them all leaving Sasha confused, anxious, and upset.

I am not happy. We will attend, however I don't think we'll stay much longer than to distribute the Host gifts. There really is no need.

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