Friday, August 6, 2010

Them's Real Things, Mommy

We have entered the age of the imaginary friend.

I thought we had about 2 months ago, but I wasn’t sure. Conversations with Sasha can be…let’s say less than illuminating. And we checked with his daycare to make sure this wasn’t some of the foreign language skills he’s picked up (I’m good with language, but I know nothing about the dialects or languages of Ghana. Sasha does.). Now I’m sure.

Salarmi, Pormi, and Darmi are his imaginary friends.

Sasha has been quick to claim friends since he first latched on to the notion. The kids at his daycare are his friends. His cousins are his friends. His stuffed animals are his friends. Kerrygirl is his BESTEST friend in the whole world…

But I do know he’s been missing his friends at daycare. The older ones who he had more rapport with have been going to school and either left or had reduced days. Stuffed animals, adults, and a dog are poor substitutes. I cant help but wonder if his fictitious trio have evolved from that.

I’m being careful to humor him, and not make a big deal about it. After all, he’s only 3. Imaginary friends are a healthy development. It’s hard not to laugh when he tells me with great concern that Salarmi fell in the potty, but I try.

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caramama said...

My girl is often making up friends or pretending Dora and her pals are around to play with. But she doesn't have regular friends that I would call imaginary friends. I find it fascinating, and as you said it's a healthy developmental thing. Hopefully you can enjoy the phase without laughing too hard at the imaginary pitfalls that befall the trio! ;-)