Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Property Fronting Lake Icky Caca

I’ve done a lot of writing lately. Just not posting. Lots of half-formed ideas or situations that I’m not comfortable posting publicly.

Until last night.

Oh, it’s so perfect.

You see, last night was Back to School Night. The first we’ve had to go to as parents.

The school is a lovely little school and seems to really understand what most parents these days need. It was one of the few we saw that was neither Co-op nor ridiculously overpriced. It allowed us to work around Sasha’s allergies. It also had an ill child care facility with several nurses (not parent volunteers) and a pediatrician on call so if your kid comes down with a fever from an ear infection in the middle of your all day mandatory meeting…you need not panic. There is a plan.

The teachers are lovely, and I do like their whole-child philosophy.

It’s just the one thing that has me in fits of laughter. The ban on pull ups and the insistence on the old school cotton training pants.

The teachers…they think that the only thing keeping a child from being potty trained at this point is confusion. Confusion caused by pull ups. Apparently they haven’t met the giant ball of Stubborn that is Sasha.

It’s been over a year of potty training. We’ve done the cotton pants for almost a solid year. They did nothing except make Hubby, myself, Gramma, and the Daycare lady gag and retch as we rinsed out his clothes. Which were stained beyond all Oxy Clean. Following carrying the poopy kid quickly for a bath.

Apparently a diet almost exclusively of fruits, veggies, and dairy makes you…um…extremely….regular. That’s it…I’ll use the word “regular”. There is nothing wrong with Sasha. We had him checked. For all the unbelievable stink and mess this is somehow healthy.

Anywhoo…over a year of potty training—no, that’s not quite accurate—Potty War.

So a few months back we went to full-time pull ups. They do a better job of not leaking poop and I don’t have to gag to wash the nasty anymore. He takes himself potty every day and even at night. A regular adult-sized one. The pull-ups don’t hamper his ability to do that. He will go and do #2 when he wants a new prize, but he can hold out for long periods.

I tried to convey this to them. They looked at me with that “poor, silly, incompetent mommy…” look and said they do the laundry there and so not to worry. A little poopy is no big deal.
Ah…I can’t wait till they get a load of the load…..I know it’s evil of me but I kind of enjoy when others are humbled.

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caramama said...

Is it wrong that I am also waiting in gleeful anticipation? Please update when they start second guessing the pullups!

So glad you found a good school. It really sounds great. I didn't think about asking if they have a school nurse at the Pumpkin's school. Back to School Night is tonight, so I'll be sure to ask then!