Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Power of Peer Pressure

Yesterday was Sasha’s first full day at preschool. I can see that this year will be interesting.
In a good way.

Peer pressure is a useful tool that we have not had in our armory up to now. And apparently, he is very susceptible to it—at least when it’s to do something he is supposed to do anyway.

Yesterday, my son dished up and fed himself all day. Even when he was home. The school has mealtimes served “Family style” and picks foods preschoolers don’t generally have trouble navigating (i.e. no brothy soups). The teachers make sure that everyone gets a little of everything, unless you had a note from parents that you weren’t to eat a specific item (allergies, religious rules, etc.). The children are supposed to serve themselves from the platters, take turns doing so, and learn a few basic table manners while being responsible for themselves. Because his peers were doing it, he went along with it. Finally. After much nagging and cajoling from me it took him seeing a bunch of 3 year olds doing it.

He participated in class, even in singing. If you know Sasha, you know he doesn’t LIKE singing and will tell you to stop it and cover your mouth if he sees you. This made Church interesting until I told him that we HAD to sing because Jesus wants us to sing in his house. And if we DON’T sing, Jesus will be sad. In school, apparently that explanation was unnecessary.

Cleaning with Sasha is hit or miss. But in school, if it’s what everyone else is doing, by Jove he will not be left out. Brooms and dustpans are apparently up his alley and he doesn’t mind being told to sweep up his own mess when he’s emptied the contents of the sand table on to the floor.

And finally, the potty. He only had one accident yesterday at school and it was only a timing issue. He got *himself* up from free play to run to the potty. He went in and pulled down his own pants. He sat down. Unfortunately, things started before he was ready so he utterly destroyed the bathroom by going everywhere. In his pants. Down his leg. On the floor. Across the side of the potty… But progress is progress. Seeing his ‘friends’ go like big kids and knowing they are all like him he felt the pressure to be a big boy and do the right thing. But this brings me to my last post. The teachers have seen what Sasha is capable of in that department. Now, to see how it plays out.

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caramama said...

Peer pressure can be a wonderful thing!