Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Writing On The Wall

And so it’s happening again. Daycare Lady is talking about possibly booting us.

Since Sasha began going to Preschool twice a week, and reducing her time by 1 day, we’ve heard a lot about full-time. How she’s losing the full-time pay. About how she needs to keep children there at full-time schedules. And so on. And how since she lost a day with him, it’s hard for her to find a replacement and she’ll likely end up asking us to find another arrangement if she does find a full time child.

The funny thing is, Sasha has never been full time. She’s not losing but one day of pay. We pay her daily rate rather than the weekly rate, and so we pay a higher premium for her time. And, to boot, we’ve never downgraded her pay to the preschooler rate from the infant rate, so she’s getting way more than she actually should. Meanwhile, she’s also often complained she has too many babies and would like more preschool aged children so she could hold classes.

If she boots him, it really seems like she’s shooting herself in the foot to me. But whatever.
I can see the writing on the wall. Our arrangement with her is not long for this world. Recently things have changed and I’m not sure why. She greatly extends or decides to go on vacations with little or no warning. She leaves Hubby waiting and late for work because she has overslept claiming she “forgot” today was a daycare day. A change is imminent, whether we initiate it or she does.

So, we’re initiating. Sasha is scheduled to start school full-time in October. I don’t want to get stuck suddenly with no childcare in the middle of a workday. We’ve been thru this before when someone decided they didn’t really want to take care of Sasha. I know it’s better it happens this way.

Sasha will be sad and miss her and his friends there. He’ll miss his days with Grandma. But I don’t know what else to do. A new daycare arrangement for a few months (Grandma has said this is her last year taking care of Sasha) is not fair to him and it costs us a lot more to have 2 part time arrangements than one full time.

This is best. At least that’s what I’m trying to convince myself.

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caramama said...

Seeing as how he seems to really enjoy pre-school, I'll bet this will be a wonderful thing! I hope. Good luck with the changes!