Thursday, October 14, 2010

Not Quite Punk

Well, it happened.

Sasha came home from school last night complaining that his feet hurt and his shoes “nots fits.” He must have grown during naptime. Thankfully, I had been expecting to get up some random morning and in the rush to get out the door find that none of his shoes fit. So I bought a pair of size 10, light-up, Buzz Lightyear sneakers and put them away. Just in case. So all I had to do was go get them and no last minute run out to the store in a panic rush. No fits about having to get rid of his old Spiderman sneakers either since these were apparently much cooler.

I’m also pretty glad that we bought all his fall clothes just a touch large (size 5). Not ridiculously big, but a bit roomy. This morning all that extra space was used.

Sasha has a new favorite song. And? It’s totally inappropriate for a 3 year old.

Fortunately, he has misunderstood 90% of the lyrics and so sings it wrong. Meaning I don’t have to be called to school to explain anything.

The “Let’s Go Song” (as it’s now known in our house) isn’t even a genre little kids tend to like. So, color me surprised when he asked me to put it on. Color me even more surprised when I realized my music collection which includes several selections by Sid Vicious, Husker Du, Orange 9mm, NOFX and so on does not include anything by The Ramones. And the further surprise came when I heard him sing it. I wonder if Joey Ramone is rolling in his grave or laughing when tiny tots mishear the song and sing the words “…the kids are startin’ to whine. A Big Cheese Ball”.

Seems he thinks it’s a song about snacktime. Ah, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

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caramama said...

So smart to buy a size up in advance! I'm very impressed!