Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Those Who Eat and Those Who Don't

hyperemesis sucks.

I now will be able to function better because I have a home health service and can get hooked up to an IV anytime I need to. I also get my meds via pump, which does work better and I've had better luck being a normal human being the past few days.

I only wish that A) it wasn't so ugly and the size of a VCR tape and B) every time I changed my infusion site I wasn't left with a silver dollar sized purple bruise. I'm starting to look like a pink and purple leopard.

Apparently I had it last time, however it went pretty much untreated.


Sasha has hit an eating binge phase again. Hubby is going to have to talk to his teacher about it because the school diet plan isn't enough food for him. He's grumpy and cross within an hour because he's hungry again and the next meal isn't for another hour after that. And he's vacuuming up everything.

Since he's bigger than any other kids in his class, it would follow he would probably need to eat more. And I'm sure their meal plan is based on the average childs needs. We've been feeding what we call "first breakfast" before he leaves in the morning (so that their breakfast is 2nd breakfast), which helps at the very start of the day, but it doesn't help throughout the rest.

I'm pretty sure I need to buy the next size up of shoes for when he wakes up some morning and nothing fits.

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caramama said...

I'm so sorry about your hyperemesis! That sounds just awful!

That boy does eat, doesn't he? Hopefully his school will work with you.