Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Lighter Side

The past week has possibly been the worst of my life. I’m not going to discuss the gory details. I may not even ever discuss the emotional part. I don’t know. It just seems wrong to post such personal details on the internet.

But last week was also Halloween and I did my best not to deny our son, Sasha, any of the holiday fun.

He went for his second and third trips out pumpkin patching. In this are there are a host of farms which grow pumpkins and other fall seasonal produce who throw harvest festivals with hayrides, games, music, and other assorted activities. They are de rigeur for parents of small children. I think CPS comes and takes your children away if you don’t take your child to at least one each year. Sasha enjoyed himself thoroughly and we have been protected another year from having any actions taken against us. J

I had a Mother/Son day with him one day last week and kept him home from school. We had pumpkin pancakes, did Halloween-themed art projects (which turned out poorly, but we had fun anyway), and he got to have some quality Mommy-time which he has missed the past few months. It was a pretty quiet day and the activities were simple so I was able to handle things on my own.

He went to a family Halloween dinner with his Uncle and had lots of fun with the extended family.

We also did had trick or treats at his school. He dressed up as Bob the Builder. Unfortunately, I realized later I didn’t take any pictures. He wears costumes constantly though so I don’t feel so bad. I’m sure I have a picture somewhere of him in that particular one. Nothing missed.
Sasha has had fun. Eaten a good bit of candy (in moderation). And discovered the joys of apple and pumpkin pies. It’s been an eventful Halloween.

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caramama said...

"I think CPS comes and takes your children away if you don’t take your child to at least one each year." It does feel like it, doesn't it? hehe.

Glad that Halloween was fun for Sasha. And your Mother/Son day sounds lovely.