Monday, November 22, 2010

Seven Years

I’ve been blessed with a good marriage that long as of today. We’re a practical couple though and we are celebrating this day by going about our normal, married, harried lives.
We went to work.
We conversed briefly at lunch about holiday logistics and concerns for family members.
Tonight there will be grocery shopping, family dinner in the kitchen, and the usual evening routine. Perhaps I’ll study for my exam next week while he grades and Sasha watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
I stopped feeling the need to commemorate the day with formal celebration. Rather, I just prefer to continue going along. Which works out well since Hubby? Forgot that’s what today was. He mentioned yesterday that he felt he was forgetting that something important was going on today that he needed to remember. I suggested that it might be that it was our 7th to him, and he just said “no, that’s not it. Although, I kind of forgot that too. Not that it existed, but that tomorrow was the 22nd.”
I actually prefer it this way.
No pressure.
No disappointment.
Just a nice, clean, continuation.

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caramama said...

Happy Anniversary!