Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hatin' on the Pink Aisle

I know I am not the only mother to think this.

I might be one of the few who is in the pink aisle for her little boy and frustrated that she can’t find anything there aimed a little more towards boys or at least a more gender neutral setting.
After weeks of searching for a cheaper way to fulfill my little man’s dream of owning an American Girl Doll, I succeeded. Ebay and Craigslist were a bust when I discovered that people wanted close to full sticker price on used and beat up dolls. A solid, old fashioned, baby doll without a fancy brand name that fit the bill was very nearly one. I was about to give up that search when I found a doll that fit all the requirements Sasha laid out and had a classic face so could pass. For $10! The only one I’ve seen to date.

I snatched it and a few accessories (diapers, bottles, fake food, etc. ) that were to scale for an additional $8. I felt like a winner.

Now, however, I was trying to find something apparently no one ever thought of. Clothes that are NOT pink and ruffled and maybe a stroller or doll bed that is NOT pink without being ridiculously priced. Sasha has already determined that this is a little BOY doll. That his name is Justin. And has recently become very aware of the gender stereotype that blue is for boys, pink is for girls.

I know that Sasha will not accept pink or purple for his little boy or himself.

So now that I’ve saved money on the doll, I felt like I should be able to get a few extras so he could actually PLAY at being a daddy (I am donating a neck pillow to the cause as a dolly boppy). Why do manufacturers make it so hard??? I want to buy things! Why do you not make them!?!?!

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caramama said...

I totally agree. I truly hate how everything is either pink or blue and very divided along gender lines. It's been very frustrating for me as a mom trying to raise a girl without everything being defined by gender. I had a big problem with dress up clothes, because for a while she wanted to dress up but not just as a princess. I had to go into the "boy" sections to find doctor and police person outfits! Because girls can only be princess apparently. URG!

Keep fighting the good fight and searching for what will work for your boy!