Monday, November 15, 2010

Old Yeller Is a Definite "No"

We’ve been lucky in the movie-watching department.

Sasha has his own definition of “scary.” This means that despite having a little guy, we can watch a LOT of different movies in front of him. He thinks David Bowie is creepy but that’s about it.

However, this weekend we discovered that sad movies really affect him and aren’t the best choices to watch in front of him. Even movies which aren’t all that sad. Take the Muppets Take Manhatten, for example. Not what I would consider a tear jerker. However, during the scene where the muppets go their separate ways to find jobs Sasha lost it. It was too sad. While he openly weeped, we fast forwarded to the part where they start to get back together.

Then we made the mistake of watching a few minutes of Lassie. God help me. I had no idea that the dog was going to go over the waterfall and they’d show what looked like the limp body of a collie going over and smashing into the rocks. I also didn’t know that in the last 30 seconds of the movie she’d reappear with nothing more than a hurt foot AFTER the characters discuss grief and death of their dog. Sasha was a wreck and this is when we found out that dogs aren’t allowed to die. Ever. Under any circumstances. Not even bad dogs.

He’s seen movies where the characters die before. He knows it happens and he’s never before been sad about it. However, it has always been bad people or with a touch of detachment from the situation—you know it happened but you didn’t see it happen.

I suppose we have to check what we watch in the future more carefully.

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caramama said...

Hey, I can't watch those movies either. Seriously. I will never ever watch Old Yeller again. I had to put down the book Life of Pi because I just couldn't take all the bad things to animals!