Friday, November 12, 2010

That'll Be $1K Per Fart

Sasha has been sick lately. Nothing huge. He was off his allergy/asthma meds for almost a week because the pharmacy refused to refill his prescription. Because of this he ended up with an upper respiratory infection pretty quickly. His doctor addressed both the pharmacy and the bacterial issue and so Sasha was on the mend.

Then suddenly yesterday his fever spiked back up to 104.6F (with OTC fever reducers) and he was doubled over at school screaming in pain and saying that his tummy hurt. Being 3, it’s hard to get more detailed information out of him than that so we decided it was prudent to take him to the ED at the hospital.

I figured this could easily be appendicitis. So did his pediatrician and the ED doctor when we got in. This wasn’t hysteria, but a logical guess given the situation

So test after test was run for anything that causes kids fevers, abdominal pain, and they even tried virus cultures. Nothing. They found nothing other than what looked like the tail end of an upper respiratory bacterial infection. Which we knew about. The doctor wanted to give him morphine as an act of humanity so that he could suffer less till we found out what was wrong.

And then?

Sasha farted. And farted again. And farted some more.

The screaming stopped. And he began to complain about the TV. He began to complain he had no popsicle (each ER visit in recent history has been for dehydration for vomiting and so he has always gotten popsicles). He complained that we were crowding him. He complained about the quality of his juice. The fever disappeared.

We all decided he was fine (except the Radiologist who didn’t know why I wouldn’t subject him to a CT or the IV contrast). The nurses cattily asked if he was my only child. We went home and he asked for cheeseburgers, mac n cheese, and an assortment of heavy foods. Ate them. And went to bed.

the funny part? dinner tonight is chili.

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caramama said...

Oh man! While it sucked that you and Sasha had to go through so much, it's really quite funny that it was just gas! And thank goodness it wasn't anything worse! But those are some expensive farts. Hehe.