Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Child Labor

I’m glad yesterday happened. I had begun questioning my current arrangement.

Once, long ago when Sasha was very new, I teleworked quite often. I loved the arrangement. I got to sleep in a little since I did not have to commute any further than down the hall. I got housework done because no one said you can’t return calls while putting in a load of laundry or host a teleconference while tossing together a crock pot of chili. And newborn babies, for all their work intensiveness don’t actually *DO* much. They like to be held when they eat. They like to be held when they sleep. If you have a comfy chair and a good boppy to use at your desk then you are set.

I started having trouble when he became mobile and hadn’t yet been endowed with any sense. I found myself chasing him constantly. I needed help. He started going to daycare. I was able to work again.

But he now does have *some* sense. He also knows better ways to entertain himself. He has his puzzles and his books and his movies and can be quiet for hours. I was wondering if being a work-at-home mom was once again possible.

The answer is, no. At least as long as he is home with me.
  • He joined in a teleconference and babbled on about who knows what for far too long before I realized it was him on the extension.
  • He kept slipping in to the office, climbing on me, taking the security card out of my computer (locking it out).
  • He repeatedly took off with notes and office supplies, and the clincher?
  • Leaned in for what he’d promised was a kiss only to shout “KABONK!” and headbutt the bridge of my nose.

I’m sure he wasn’t much more fun for Hubby who was trying to work as well. I know the kid gets bored and wants interaction, but black eyes and bloody noses aren’t a good road to pleasantries.


caramama said...

Oh man! I hope your nose is okay!

They are mischievous little interlopers, aren't they? Snow days are rough at this age.

Anonymous said...

Hi, honey.
Thought you'd like to know I've posted your post on Marvellous Mable today - Ghostly Prisoners.

Thanks again for contributing.
CJ xx